Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More November Stuff

First Solids: November 11, 2008. He sure enjoyed his rice cereal! He was such a neat eater that Mommy had to make a mess of his face for the photos :-)

Gavin's First Holy War: November 22, 2008. Utes vs. BYU... We watch the game every year and it's the only time we care about football. The Utes were undefeated and dominated the Crimson Tide this year. They should have been the national champs!

Thanksgiving 2008. We went to Great Grandma's house. Didn't Gavin look sharp?

November: Trip to Cali

The California clan finally got to meet Little Man! It snowed in Utah while we were there and we didn't want to leave the beautiful 65-degree weather. We stayed with Grandpa Tito, Grandma Raquel and Auntie Eileen. Gavin got to meet all sorts of new people. He saw the beach and put his toes in the ocean. Mommy and Daddy decided to buy a house on the beach. HA!

New Year's Resolution

1. Be better about blogging.
2. Move photos from camera to computer so I can post them on the blog.
3. Turn on computer so I can add to the blog.