Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Hallowee

...'cuz Duke ate the N! (Explanation: A long time ago,we had lights that said HAPPY HALLOWEEN but our dober-ador, Duke chewed the N to bits). I made Gavin's chili pepper costume. Josh and I were Deady and Mummy.

September in a nutshell

September 18th: Midvale Rendezvous with Auntie Mandy and Uncle John. Mommy made my outfit!

Three Amigos: Dizzy, Satchmo and Gavin.

September 29th: Four months old, 26 1/2 inches long, 15 pounds and I love to be nakie. Such a big boy!!!

In a nutshell

Ok, here's what we've been up to in the past few months:


We went to my cousin Paul's wedding in Moab, UT on August 17th. Gavin loved kamping at the KOA and hiking through Arches National Park!

We went to a Salt Lake Bees game on August 22nd. Look how cute Gavin's baseball outfit is!

We went to Oktoberfest at Snowbird on August 30th. Gavin wanted the beer SO badly...

...and Godmama Jill bought him his favorite new toy, Hans Frog.